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The 10 best farmhouses in Sardinia

Sardinia is love for nature, love for the genuine products of the earth and for good cuisine, a melting pot of heady aromas and delicious flavours.
Scattered across this fantastic island, many family-run tourist businesses offer an excellent showcase capable of highlighting local products and regional culinary culture.
If you want to spend a holiday in contact with nature, if you want to discover places, people, traditions and gastronomy of Sardinia, a stay in a farmhouse is what you need.
There is no better solution to truly know and love the authenticity of the territory!

For this reason today we have selected the best Sardinian farmhouses for you: from the structures on the coast to the farms in the hinterland, in the heart of one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean…

Farmhouses in southern Sardinia

Southern Sardinia: the perfect break for a holiday in contact with nature.
Away from the chaotic, glittering north coast you’ll find a wilder landscape of mountains, forests and hidden beaches.
Here are the best structures on the southern portion of the island.

Rocce Bianche

Rocce Bianche

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